Every Piece

Photo by Yuri Levin on Unsplash

A Facebook Poem – May 17, 2018


Every piece of us fits together,

Even as we change.

We crown our PMS bitchiness with daisies,

Rings of body fat woven in.

We pay for prime Laurel / Yanny,

Binge our favorite shows and feel like freaks

Getting car sick on the mountains.


There must be a way out of this.

A ha! And a hi-yah! And a kick in the tits!

We need someone to hug us

Without acting like we’re asking for attention.

We really need Festivus, an airing of grievances.

We need to help Facebook scientists cure

Our infertility. This is our first time.


Every piece of us fits together.


Our resting bitch faces scare men who catcall.

We take no shit and resign ourselves

To real mad money, finding the perfect age

To make mad money, to stay home on bed rest

Asking friends if they can relate.


Even as we change.


The first time I saw Judge Judy’s legs,

She was still in a sitting position,

Pointing to a portion plate,

Telling me what to eat.

So I ate a hawaiin shirt without a ‘stache

And a salesman tried to guilt trip me

When I gave the finger to the corporate fat cats.


Every piece of us fits together,

Even as we change.

Every piece.