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A Facebook Poem


We don’t always end up with the loves of our lives

Because men keep demanding sex from their partners.

Just describe bedtime at your house.

Women start to cat-call back – Hey you! Tap this!

And then wake up in a trunk, dead as Alice

Waiting for her burial in the Casket Lottery.



A transgender man shared incredible before and after progress photos,

But men are more than muscles, athleticism, and the clothes they wear.

Transmen and transwomen, queer persons both binary and non-binary

Come clear that they’re transitiong and cis people confuse them with trannies.

Ask your husband if he’d still love you if you got a sex change?

Women are more than tits, cosmetics, and fertility.



Let me introduce you to my new, fuzzy daughter, unshaved.

She sings songs about cabbage and tells me about

Nine things that are slowly going extinct (thanks to Millenials).

Bahaha. She makes this face…

Someone called her Japanese tea party racist and told lies

Like ten different urban legends rolled into one.



The best way to drink prosecco is on wheels.

I let stress eating get the best of me, but I don’t care

What anyone thinks. Today I is growned up.

Just had a lady ask if she could “salt” her coaster so it doesn’t stick.

Im so agitated… Im going shopping after work today…

If you need me later… find me here.


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As a word lover and poet, I love reading and finding inspiration in even the smallest moments.

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