a Shakespearean phrase: ‘this mortal coil’

Check out the origin of this phrase on the Word Histories blog (link below)



To My Doorstep

Dear Mr. Postman, when you deliver packages in the hood

At least try to ring the doorbell

Someone just spent a hundred dollars I no longer have

While I’ve been working in my own realm

Photo by Evelyn Paris on Unsplash

Hey Facebook friends, I give up

I was doing so much better on my own

But this one anxiety med I took didn’t work

I’m trying to make a sensory / calm area

I’m procrasting pretty hard on all the stuff I have to do

Finally buying into YouTube since this is where I lose

The most tears every day


Doctor, I know I’m starting to gain weight back

Sitting on the porch like a lazy shit

Wondering if anyone has extra bean bags they would like to donate

I have wanted and have been putting off buying a bike the last few years

Hundreds of Green Bay families have a meal to come home to

Thanks to the food pantry, I’m cooking tonight


Our beloved Tilapia passed away last night

So I guess I just get to stay sick because even with my insurance

The second bout of antibiotics leaves me feeling like Game of Thrones

Lost and dying from untreated wounds


What did you do during the twenties, Mom?

Happy birthday, Mom. Are you ready to explore the universe?

Unless you’re doing a duckface, this smiling thing really works

I’m placing my order tomorrow for the anti plaque / whitening toothpaste

I’m back from the most wonderful relaxing vacation ever

Each state hilariously depicted by stereotypes


Proud moment: I feel cute as fuck today

And yesterday I felt as confident as someone with an 800 credit score

Might be the post pregnancy hormones

But the generosity of my friends and family has been delivered


A Facebook Poem – August 28, 2017

Bout of Books Updates

I haven’t read nearly as much as I meant to this week. No excuses are good excuses but I had play auditions, hanging out with friends, and went to bed early a few nights.  I was also trying to read three books at the same time so I wasn’t very focused. Below is my updated reading progress. I will update one final time on Monday.

Word by word started at 31%

Day 1 read to 34%

Day 2 read to 43%

Day 3 read to 51%

Day 4 Read to 55%

Day 5 Read to 58%

Day 6 Read to 68%

The Pharmacist of Auschwitz Started on page 112

Day 1 did not read this book

Day 2 read to 126

Day 3-6 Did not read

Uprooted Started on page 97

Day 1 Read to page 100

Day 2 did not read

Day 3 read to page 109

Day 4 read to page 116

Day 5-6 Did not read

The Pharmacist at Auschwitz

The third book I am reading for the Bout of Books Readathon is nonfiction and the text is a bit small, so I pulled out the reading glasses for this one. Below is a brief synopsis and my reading progress thus far.

The Pharmacist at Auschwitz: The Untold Story, written by Patricia Posner

The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is the little known story of Victor Capesius, a Bayer pharmaceutical salesman from Romania who, at the age of 35, joined the Nazi SS in 1943 and quickly became the chief pharmacist at the largest death camp, Auschwitz. Based in part on previously classified documents, Patricia Posner exposes Capesius’s reign of terror at the camp, his escape from justice, fueled in part by his theft of gold ripped from the mouths of corpses, and how a handful of courageous survivors and a single brave prosecutor finally brought him to trial for murder twenty years after the end of the war.


My Reading Progress: Started on Page 112

Day 1: Did not read

Day 2: Read to page 126

Day 3: Did not read

Day 4: Did not read

Day 5: Did not read

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

The second book I’m reading for the Bout of Books Readathon is fiction.  Below is a brief intro to the book (Thanks to Goodreads) as well as my reading progress so far. I usually read this book in bed before going to sleep so I’ve made less headway. 

A fantastical Beauty and the Beast type tale—widely accessible and sure to appeal to a broad audience of all ages.

Legions of fans around the world have fallen in love with the brilliantly imagined, compulsively readable novels of Naomi Novik. Now, in this magnificent new standalone, Novik pens a bold fantasy with all the charm and wonder of a dark fairy tale for the modern age.

Reading Progress

Started on page 97

Day 1 Read to page 100

Day 2 did not read

Day 3 read to page 109

Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries

I typically read up to 3 books at any time – a fiction, a nonfiction, and an ebook. Instead of starting new books for the Bout of Books Readathon, I have been plowing through the books I’m already reading. Below is a synopsis for the ebook I’m nerding over, followed by my daily reading progress (as a percentage measurement rather than page numbers). Check back to see where I’m at!

Ebook: Word by Word – The Secret Life of Dictionaries / Kory Stamper

Many of us take dictionaries for granted, and few may realize that the process of writing dictionaries is, in fact, as lively and dynamic as language itself. With sharp wit and irreverence, Kory Stamper cracks open the complex, obsessive world of lexicography, from the agonizing decisions about what to define and how to do it, to the knotty questions of usage in an ever-changing language. She explains why small words are the most difficult to define, how it can take nine months to define a single word, and how our biases about language and pronunciation can have tremendous social influence. And along the way, she reveals little-known surprises–for example, the fact that “OMG” was first used in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917.

Reading Progress: Started at 31%

Day 1 read to 34%

Day 2 read to 43%

Day 3 read to 51%

Who Reads This Anyway?

I realise the words I write on here are mostly for myself. A way to express my thoughts to “the world” the “you” in that sort of abstract way where I assume everyone wants to know what’s going on in my head. Of course they do, it’s me!

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

But everybody who writes thinks the same thing. We all think our ideas are the most important, and we want to accumulate all those hits and likes and comments to validate us and boost our confidence. I’ve been to writing groups that tout themselves as “critique” but then spend the whole time basically congratulating each other and stroking each other’s egos.

We’re important because we write. We’re important because we share our ideas and we publish them. But once in awhile, people actually read what we write. We don’t always think about the reader who will eventually interpret what we say, who will try to make sense of our ramblings, and who will judge everything more harshly than our writer friends.

But I have ideas and they’re important. Because they’re mine. At the same time, I hope I can find people who are interested in the same things that I am. That’s actually the end goal here. If you find something here you find interesting, don’t just “like” it. Start a conversation. Interact directly. Comment and argue and tell me what YOU think. Because I like to think I’m not alone, but some days it feels like I am.